- For luggage assistance
- Located at the Welcome Lobby
- Ask about city information and directions
- For hotel guests
- Secure access at the Front Desk
- Available in public areas and guest rooms
- See menu inside guest room
- Dial ‘0’ to order
- Available from 6AM to 10PM
- Airport pick-up and drop-off
- To any destination in Manila
- Car Service Partner
- Exclusive to in-house guests
- Located at 4F (VingCard access)
- Operates daily from 6AM to 10PM

Kalesa Café

Known for gratifying unique experiences to its guests. Inspired by the fusion of local and international cuisines with wide variety in its buffet breakfast and a la carte menu.

Private Dining

Nestled at Kalesa Café,
ideal for intimate gatherings.

Lobby Lounge Café

Provides delectable hot and cold beverages,
pastries, and light meals which are
good for here or to-go.