- Dedicated Hotel Parking (Basement)
- Public Pay Parking (Nearby)
- Hotel Parking access at Amethyst Street
- Front Desk located at 2F
- Bookings, check-in and check-out
- Hotel Information
- For luggage assistance
- Located at the Welcome Lobby
- Ask about city information and directions
- For Make-Up Room
- Dial ‘0’ for assistance
- Available daily
- Wash, Iron, Dry Clean
- Laundry Service Partner
- Dial ‘0’ for request
- For hotel guests
- Secure access at the Front Desk
- Available in public areas and guest rooms
- See menu inside guest room
- Dial ‘0’ to order
- Available from 6AM to 10PM
- Airport pick-up and drop-off
- To any destination in Manila
- Car Service Partner
- Exclusive to in-house guests
- Located at 4F (VingCard access)
- Operates daily from 6AM to 10PM




KTTG: Complimentary Wifi Access

Complimentary Wifi Access

KTTG: Bell Service

Bell Service

KTTG: Transportation


KTTG: laundry

Laundry & Dry Cleaning Service

KTTG: 24-Hour Reception

24-Hour Reception

KTTG: Room Service

Room Service

KTTG: Housekeeping


KTTG: Parking